Submission Guidelines

The Requirements

Submissions must be the author’s own independent work that was performed while he/she was an undergraduate at Northwestern University or NU-Qatar. The project may be one that the undergraduate pursued under the guidance of a mentor(s). NURJ accepts work in the form of research papers and abstracts, posters, presentations, artwork, interviews, podcasts, multimedia projects, and more from all fields of study, including the life and physical sciences, social sciences, applied sciences, and the humanities. NURJ will provide a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to all published works. This will provide a permanent link to the work online and allow it to be more easily accessible.

Authors who publish in NURJ maintain the right to present their research and ideas in any form, in whole or in part, in any other conference or publication. Contributors should be aware, however, that many other academic journals and conferences require exclusive rights to published ideas. NURJ maintains the non-exclusive right to publish or reproduce published articles.

Get In Touch

To submit, please click here. If you have any questions, please email

Your submission will likely be cataloged in the NURJ Online, our online platform which serves all undergraduate researchers.

The paper version of the NURJ only publishes department-recommended best senior theses. If you decide to submit to NURJ Paper, please be sure that:

– Your thesis has a faculty adviser.

 You have extensively met your adviser to discuss and/or review your thesis.

– (optional but preferred): You have a grant associated with Northwestern (e.g. Summer Undergraduate Research Grant, Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grant, Department fellowship, Language Grants, Medill Grants…)