Moroccan Female Entrepreneurship

Ankita AjithMajor: Social Policy Ankita Ajith is a junior studying social policy and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about women's empowerment, politics and social issues such as economic inequality and criminal justice reform. She hopes to pursue a career in...

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Preschoolers’ Creativity During STEM Play

In the past few years, educators have been pushing for an integration of the arts into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning to promote innovation and creativity in these fields. The present study explores the relation between creativity and STEM learning among young children…

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Effect of Colloidal Particles on a Drop

Samuel Kim Summer URG (June 25, 2018 - August 17, 2018) Driscoll Physics Lab, Northwestern University Abstract According to the principle of free fall, only gravity acts upon an object in midair. However, as with all scientific principles, free fall plays out...

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