Title of Piece



Gabriella Tran is an incoming junior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Global Health studies. Her passion for medicine and public health has allowed her to gain valuable experiences. She has participated in service trips and a medical brigade, learning about public health issues in various communities, to further my interests in those fields as an aspiring physician. She hopes to continue exploring research related to international public health issues throughout my undergraduate career and beyond. 


Coming into my first year at Northwestern, I participated in a summer Oncofertility Program at Northwestern University Medical Center. In this program, I was exposed to a cancer research lab, gained insights to how 3D-ovaries were being developed, talked to cancer survivors with oncofertility problems about their hardships, and learned alternative fertility methods for treat cancer patients. Most importantly, I became more knowledgeable in the field of oncofertility, a new field devoted to addressing the efficacy of reproduction in cancer patients. In my global health course taught by Professor Leonard, the final research project consisted of addressing research and policy issues related to international health. I used this opportunity to delve into research related to oncofertility and it’s prospects.

Because oncofertility is a generally new field, much information is yet to be discovered in this field, including research related to alternatives for women with high infertility risks as well. The primary goal for my research project was to increase awareness of this field that is gradually being exposed to medical practices worldwide. 

I hope to be an incoming first year student at medical school after graduation.