Led by the Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal, the 1851 Project is a publication that highlights individual and communal experiences regarding our university’s and nation’s troubled racist histories. In alliance with Yale Historical Review’s 1701 Project, we hope to encourage communication and conversation while promoting awareness and understanding of current social justice issues.

In its roots, this project is a response to the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement that swept the nation by storm earlier this year. More often than not, our society, both past and present, has ignored the voices of Black and other minority communities. As a journal, we felt compelled to utilize our platform to amplify the voices of marginalized communities.


Though systemic racism has been at the very fabric of our society, we are optimistic that the future may hold to be more equitable and just for all communities. Starting from our very own Evanston, we hope that this publication will contribute to a future of change: a change for equality, equity, and justice.

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NURJ Development Co-Managing Director

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NURJ Development Co-Managing Director

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