MetehanPunar_Outreach - Metehan Punar

Metehan Punar

Year: 3rd Year
Major: Biological Sciences, Global Health Studies, Neuroscience
Fun Fact: My favorite food is sushi!
Contact: metehanpunar2025@u.northwestern.edu

profile photo - Mychaela Mathews

Mychaela Mathews

Year: 3rd Year
Major: Neuroscience and Science in Human Culture
Fun Fact:  I’ve never seen the Lion King 🙁
Contact: mychaelamathews2025@u.northwestern.edu

General Members

Annabel Pothuru

Annabel Pothuru

Year: 1st Year
Major: Biological Sciences
Fun Fact: I love baking! My favorite thing to make is cinnamon buns!

AparnaaAnanthakrishnan_Outreach - Aparnaa Ananthakrishnan

Aparnaa Ananthakrishnan 

Year: 1st Year
Major: Biochemistry & Global Health
Fun Fact: My middle name is just the letter P 🙂


Angela Guan

Year: 3rd Year
Major: Chemical Engineering, Music Performance
Fun Fact: I am ambidextrous!! 

AdyLam_Outreach - Ady Lam

Ady Lam

Year: 1st Year
Major: Cognitive Science and Environmental Policy & Culture
Fun Fact: Once I bought 1kg of grapes thinking they were blueberries

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Mathieu Rojas

Year: 2nd Year
Major: MMSS and Economics 
Fun Fact: I’ve lived all my life in Peru! 

EmilyPark_outreach - Emily Park (1)

Emily Park

Year: 2nd Year
Major: Neuroscience & Data Science [
Fun Fact: I love ice cream!