Assessment of New York’s Clean Energy Targets: Exploring the Viability of the CLCPA



Faculty Advisor: Yip-Wah Chang


James Arcieri is a junior in Weinberg College from New York City.  I am majoring in classics with a Latin concentration, double minoring in business institutions and economics, and pursuing the ISEN certificate.  His passion for sustainability developed from a childhood interest in the innovation of the automotive industry, and energy quickly became an academic focal point for him.  Aside from academics, James has been a member of the energy and natural resource group at Northwestern Capital Management since his freshman year, and his love of music and singing led me to become a member of Northwestern’s X-Factors acapella group as well. James also loves Spanish, and, although he was unable study abroad in Bilbao this fall due to COVID-19, he is hopeful to have the opportunity next year.


This past summer, I researched the viability of New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. My specific goal was to assess whether or not the state would meet its target of net zero emissions from electricity generation by 2035. 

I have been passionate about sustainability for as long as I can remember and was excited about the new legislation in New York. However, I was sceptical about some of the goals that were set and wanted to research how feasible those targets were and whether or not we are likely to meet them. 

There is still a lot we don’t know about COVID-19’s long-term effects on the energy sector. Future research should include a more comprehensive, long-term assessment how New York’s clean energy targets will be affected by the pandemic and, more specifically, how renewable energy developers will fare if the economy is shut down again.

I am a junior and not yet sure where I will be. I am hoping to work in energy consulting or for a company focused on sustainability–whether that be a renewable energy developer, automaker, or even investment firm focused on impact and sustainable investing.