The Applications of Mobile Health Technology (mHealth) in Reducing Maternal

Mortality and Improving Maternal Health

Sarah kim


My name is Sarah Kim and I am in the Class of 2022 at Northwestern University. I am majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Neurobiology and minoring in Global Health and Computer Science. I am interested in the uses of technology to address global health issues and to improve health systems. 


The application of mobile health technology, or mHealth, in reducing maternal mortality and improving maternal health.

I’m minoring in global health and computer science and was interested in looking into the ways these two fields are interconnected. I have always found technology fascinating and I think it is one of our greatest tools to empower individuals and to address global health disparities. Additionally, the problem of maternal mortality is becoming increasingly recognized in the area of global health. 

Mobile health technology is nearly boundless in its application and will only become increasingly relevant as practices such as telemedicine become more popular. Future researchers should continue to record and analyze the role of mHealth in reducing health disparities. The ethics of mHealth technology should also be researched and scrutinized. 

After graduation, I plan to complete a Masters in Public Health and to study geriatric healthcare systems.