Inequality in America and The Incarceration System

Jun 30, 2020 | NURJ x EXPO 2020 Presentation

Leila Al-Nuaimi

Adviser: Jocelyn Mitchell
Subject: Communications
DOI: 10.21985/n2-ppyx-tk23

Leila Al-Nuaimi is a Communications Graduate from NUQ Class of 2020. This year has been extraordinary and has ended on a high note after achieving 3rd place in the Creative Arts Festival with a short biographical film. With a passion for storytelling through mixed media Leila is expanding her experience and proficiencies in both film-making and photography. 

Leila also has a special interest in the study of race inequality and its intersectionality to other areas of concern such as crime. This topic is especially of interest not only due to its relevance in the current climate but also due to her experience as a mixed race Muslim woman brought up in the West. As such, Leila chose to conduct research into the inequality in America and its links to race, crime and criminal justice. Leila hopes to combine her passion for filmmaking and research in the future.


My research paper focuses on inequality in America specifically covering the incarceration system and the intersection of race and the criminal justice system. This is an important topic to study due to the high number of racially diverse individuals that are disproportionally affected and incarcerated due to the inequalities in the crime and criminal justice system. To investigate the extent of the issue, ethnographic interviews were conducted in a diverse sample of people by asking a set of questions on experience related to race, crime and criminal justice. The qualitative information gathered from the interviews and from an online class database was in line with the literature on the subject, in that there is currently a widespread problem of inequality in America with regards to race in the crime and criminal justice system. Recommendations were made in light of the findings and one of which was the importance of policy adjustments in the incarceration system. Further research is required to look into why policy adjustments are not being made to successfully serve all members of the society.